The Hawaiian luau is not a typical barbeque, but rather a fun festival that takes you inside Hawaiian culture. The same can be said about dinner cruises as well.  The tradition started in 1819 when a Hawaiian king decided to host a feast to break a religious taboo. It is not like a barbeque, where you find typical hot dogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks.



If you are dreaming of going to Polynesian Islands and experiencing the culture and tradition, a luau in Hawaii will help in providing you with the taste the islands are known for. Many visitors have noted that the food is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.  When you book a cruise or luau, you will get Island foods like pineapple, coconuts and other Island native foods. The festival is full of fun moments, Mai Thai’s, dancing, and beautiful sunsets.

What to Expect on a Hawaiian Dinner Cruise or Luau

Guests put on Hawaiian attire to get the true experience as well. Men put on tropical shirts and shorts, while women put on modest halter tops with colorful print skirts. There are a few people who will wear grass skirts, and this brings a lot of laughter and adds zest to the festival. The traditional luaus and cruises have various traditional foods such as pig that is roasted in an imu oven, or underground pits that are used to slow cook the meat.


Any time you go on a dinner cruise or luau, you can expect some great food.  No matter what island you choose, whether it’s an Oahu dinner cruise, Maui dinner cruise, or Oahu luau, you have plenty of options no matter where you’re staying.  As for the food, you’ll have lots of great options.  One is Poi, which is another traditional Hawaiian food made from taro leaves. Other excellent dishes include rice, Lomi shrimp ono, ono ribs, macadamia coconut cake, and Lomi salmon. Appetizers like shrimps, pineapples, and mangos, are also available. At the festival, you will enjoy traditional cocktails like Island punch, Mai tai, and blue Hawaiian, which puts everybody in the tropical mood. Other drinks include chi chis, frozen daiquiris, and pina coladas.

In Hawaii, the word luau implies feast, and it is not a big festival, but rather a coming together of family and friends for fun, entertainment, and food. There are many fun activities you can engage in at a luau event. For example, you can get a limbo stick, and play a don ho song. Activities like these allow you to let loose and have a good time, while also seeing how low you can go!

hawaii luau

The event also has people dressed on grass skirts and coconut bras dancing the hula all night long for entertainment. There are hula hoops for spinner competitions to identify the best spinner or the most creative person. Visitors can also be taught how to dance the hula by experienced hula dancers. The great thing about these events is that you can find them on every island.  The event is full of entertainment from traditional music like Don Ho, beach boys, and safari songs, and or other Hawaiian songs. At the end of the day, the Hawaiian feast makes everyone get into the warm Aloha spirit no matter what the occasion or time of the year. Going on a luau or dinner cruise is really a must whenever you’re visiting Hawaii.  It’s the best way to truly experience Hawaiian culture, and to get a feel for how things operate.  If you want to experience the real Hawaii, you need to check out a luau or cruise the next time you’re in town.