Star Spangled Goes Retail!

Thanks to overwhelming demand from our website visitors, the flavors below may soon be coming to a store near you! 

If you want Star Spangled Ice Cream in your local supermarket or convenience store, tell the store manager — he or she is probably a conservative too! If you are a retailer or distributor who is interested in carrying Star Spangled Ice Cream, click HERE. Star Spangled Ice Cream is a superpremium grade ice cream and will be available in pints.

Stay tuned as we introduce more new flavors like Donald Rum Raisin, GuantanaMocha, Kerry Ketchup Dough, Tank Tracks, Dutch (Reagan) Chocolate and Orange Alert Sherbet. (And don’t forget your favorite flavors from the past — Clinton Im-Peach, White House Fundraiser Coffee and Jimmy Carter Peanut Malaise.)