We are receiving tons of e-mail in response to our new ice cream and are pleased to share some

of the best messages below. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of this website.


“Way to go. Live long and prosper.”
“We just received your ice cream as a gift. It is delicious!”

“I hate your politics, but I got a huge kick out of your page. I wish you all the success possible in your business! Just a short mail to let you know that some of us on the liberal side of the fence appreciate a clever website and cheer for innovative businesspeople no matter who they might vote for.”

“I was going to suggest that you demonstrate your patriotism by creating a ‘Laura Bush’ flavor, but I see you already have vanilla.”

“I just had to write and tell you how thrilled I am that you are in business and available to me — I LOVE the concept and wish you all the luck in the world!”

“Don’t you have any guilt profiteering on a war based on lies, greed, hatred, and religious bigotry?”

“Ben & Jerry are as American as apple pie and a hell of a lot more successful than you retards will ever be. You’re about as American as an SS rally. Seig Heil!”

“You people are sick. You are using patriotism to sell a product and Americans are just dumb enough to buy into it. It is not an alternative to anything. It is nothing more than a gimmick to line your pockets.”

“I think your idea for conservative ice cream is brilliant and a breath of fresh air. Those liberals wouldn’t know a good idea if it hit them in the face with a sledge hammer. After all, look at their politics. Anyway, keep up the good work and God Bless!”

“Thank you for making a product that I can support. Finally the conservative mind speaks out! The mass media FORCES liberal thinking down my throat in every available news outlet — and yet I’m supposed to listen to it and RESPECT it. I’m sick of listening to their so-called opinions, beliefs, and convictions. Now they can listen to mine for a while!!!! Good Luck with your product.”

“I think it is good that your ice cream company supports our troops (even if it is just a way to promote your product). What I don’t understand is why you have to insult Ben and Jerry’s. They are a respectable company. Why not insult companies like Nestle, who cause world disputes? And how is it conservative to support a militaristic administration, who continues to diminish and override our constitutional rights? Anyway, I do like the flavor names, while I don’t neccisarily agree politically, they ARE pretty damn funny.”

“What a bunch of bullsh##. You couldn’t carry Ben & Jerry’s social conscience with a backhoe. Ben & Jerry’s is a great American company, with fantastic ideals and wonderful, open-minded politics. You people must be a bunch of backwoods yahoos to actually launch this company. What makes this asinine company of yours more ‘patriotic’ than Ben & Jerry’s? Are you scared of B&J;’s causes? You right-wing rednecks are absolutely, 100% f###ing insane. Crawl back in the hole from which you came. You’re giving me an ice cream headache.”

“The ice cream is outstanding, and the labels are hilarious! We will definitely be ordering again (and making sure that there will be no shipping mixups) and we have told all of our friends about your great product and great idea.”

“Spreading hatred, in support of a liar and a warmonger who deceived the world and made a mockery of justice? You guys are as bad as the Nazis, who behaved the same way prior to WW2! You’re sick, and about as patriotic as mustard gas! Bush should and will be charged with war crimes! Only an absolute FOOL would defend or support the actions of the Bush administration!”

“Why are you guys such a racist group? No wonder everyone hates us. It’s because of bigots like you who are trying to earn a buck by taking advantage of people who ACTUALLY do have pride in their country. And I bet you guys won’t even give 10 percent of your earnings to our troops, you lying, dirty Nazis.”

“My hubby is in Iraq. I carry a list of French companies and products not to patronize. I love the concept of your ice cream and look forward to my first taste test.”

“Ice cream for the fascists… amazing.”

“Promoting HATE and calling countries COWARDLY and IRRELEVANT is not the type of thing that children should be exposed to. Your bloody country is too damned patriotic as it is, it makes me sick. I see enough of this ‘patriotism’ from you American a##holes and I pray that I never live in the United States.”

“The America you represent is small, narrow, ignorant, and intolerant. You give no justification for your beliefs, just some abstract notion of what you think it means to be ‘American’. The only message that one could possibly extract from your packaging is that unjustifiably categorizing fellow citizens as ‘nutty’ in our ‘free’ society, as well as promoting hate for an entire nation of ‘free’ people, is a virtuous and patriotic act. It is nothing more than an act of hate, ignorance, and bigotry; and it represents the very worst of what this great nation ought to stand for. It is behavior that is becoming of only the most tyrannous of dictators. Expand your vision, explore other ideas, seek other minds to engage in thoughtful, patient dialogue, read and listen to alternative voices that present a differing view from your own. With that, you will begin to transcend the tragic resentment, and hate you are all so very proud to possess.”

“Did you guys stick your heads in the freezer or just get dropped on your heads as babies?”

“You are not patriots in any way shape or form. Your brand of patriotism comes with a swastika. Real American patriots are asking ‘WHERE ARE THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION’? We will not be cowed by ignorant, racist, redneck ice cream makers.”

“What perplexes me is how those who disagree with your point of view are so vulgar and wildly outspoken about how wrong you are. Is that intolerance? In addition, I am appalled at the illiteracy demonstrated by the detractors of your point of view. While bashing your views, they spew their own and show how intolerant they are of any that disagree with them. And all this over an ice cream label?”

“Wow! I just read your mail bag and there are some angry, misinformed people out there. First of all,the French government didn’t just disagree with most Americans, they used underhanded tactics to try and persuade other countries to vote against the United States. Secondly, the United States has always been there for the French when we were needed. AND third, and most importantly, the United States is the best and strongest country EVER because of our strong military. Without a strong military we would be in big trouble. I pray that we never have another President who despises the military and wants to destroy it like our last President. President Bush is going to go down in history as one of the greatest President ever, and he deserves it. I can’t wait to try your ice cream.”

“All I can offer is my pity.”

“God Bless our Troops, our country and our president!! Get this on the market and we will buy it!”

“I happen to agree with the war and support President Bush, but I do not think that ice cream should have anything to do with political views, and I do not agree with the profit and the controversy that has come from this.”

“I’m very proud to be a liberal patriot, and object to the causes of the left being called wacko (civil rights? environmental issues?), but I will say I appreciate the fact that you publish letters on your mail-bag page from people who disagree with you.”

“I sent a quartet of ice cream to my brother-in-law who is just coming back from the war. Thanks for a great idea and product! I love the mail bag. Are you guys jokingly making up those liberal-hate messages, or are they really that intolerant of the views of others? Sad.”

“I totally believe in Freedom of Speech, but when it starts to swirl out of hand with a lot of dirty, foul language, I would pull the plug on those folks. If they cannot coherently state their case or opinion without resorting to foul language then they shouldn’t post publicly. Invite them back if they can state an opinion without foul language.”

“I just wanted to say as a Mom of two soldiers in Iraq, thank you. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. I am, as you, proud of our troops, president, and military leaders!”

“You guys are a bunch of idiot nationalistic f###ing sheep. Whine whine whine. Ice cream money goes to hippies. WAh wah wah wah wah.”

“Conservative flavor is right! Leave it to the conservatives to attempt to co-opt a perfectly good dessert to spread your message of hate, violence and isolationism.”

“Why don’t you say your names and how you got started? It seems as if you are hiding something — because you are. Who is the ‘Balitmore-based producer of gourmet ice cream’? I like the idea of your flavors and names and I would consider buying the ice cream, but I will not eat anything if I do not know who makes it. Please do not print my email address.”

“YOU GUYS RULE!!! I work in a Fire Station (and in case you didn’t know, Firemen LOVE their Ice Cream), so I will make it MY MISSION to spread this word and product around to the different Fire Stations around the area. I hope this ice cream takes off like a rocket!”

“My parents are intelligent conservatives. Both of my grandfathers served in the military. I can take jokes about my own liberal beliefs, but you insult my conservative family members with your mindless bigotry.”

“Being a USAF airman, one organization I proudly donate to and is always helping the men and women of the Air Force is the Air Force Aid Society. They financially help airmen with emergency needs. Please check them out and see if it fits your plan. Thanks for your support of the men and women in the service, and if I haven’t said it, thanks for the conservative alternative to B&J;’s.”

“I absolutely disagree with your politics, but you’re funny. We differ tremendously, but I’m laughing at the labels.”

“It’s because of people like you rascist bigots that America is now becoming a fascist state. And don’t give me that sh## about how I’m being ‘un-American’. I have four relatives in the military, two brothers, a sister, and an uncle. However, a##holes like you people let the governemnt take away our civil liberties and hide behind the flag of ignorance. It makes me wonder why people like you are even alive. Repeat: You are a bunch of hypocritical f###ers. Dissent is not un-American, and I am proud to support France.”

“Are you trying to foster resentment, irrational intolerance, and hatred towards fellow Americans who simply disagree with your position? Do you believe that hate filled fallacious ad hominem attacks on ‘liberals’ (who are citizens, and are American!) are actions becoming of citizens of what you claim to be the greatest country ever’? The America you represent is small, narrow, ignorant, and intolerant. The only message that one could possibly extract from your packaging is that unjustifiably categorizing fellow citizens as ‘nutty’ in our ‘free’ society, as well as promoting hate for an entire nation of ‘free’ people, is a virtuous and patriotic act. It is nothing more than an act of hate, ignorance, and bigotry; and it represents the very worst of what this great nation ought to stand for. Expand your vision, explore other ideas, seek other minds to engage in thoughtful, patient dialogue, read and listen to alternative voices that present a differing view from your own.”

“To any one that has a problem with your labels, LEARN TO TAKE A JOKE! It’s perfectly OK for the leftist media to unfairly lampoon the president as a buffoon but when someone takes the stand that yes, we don’t support France in their anti-American back-stabbing actions, and that the majority of us do find the environmentalist hippie-crits a little over the top, it hits close to home and sorry if the truth hurts. Keep standing up for what you guys believe because there are more of us than the left thinks. Bring this stuff to Kansas — I promise it will sell.”

“I’m a high school student in Circle Pines, MN and I just heard about your ice cream on Fox News. I’m very happy about what you are doing and hope that this expands to my local stores. Thanks for making this for the benefit of our troops. I have a family member in Iraq and they need all the support they can get. You guys are awesome for doing this. Thank You. God Bless America.”

“Finally, gourmet ice cream that doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth or get stuck in my craw. Please get this stuff to Texas a.s.a.p. — it’s already as hot as July here!”

“I appreciate the joke value of your product, but I think it’s unfortunate that you characterize the policies of a company that promotes peace, fair labor practices (that is, non-child labor), and sustainable farming as ‘wacko’. Do you mean, by extension, that Star Spangled Ice Cream SUPPORTS child labor, farming practices that pollute the land and the killing of our troops in combat? Think a little harder before spouting off.”

“Since when does Ben & Jerry not have hateful names? ‘Chubby Hubby’? Is it okay to make fun of fat people if you are a liberal? What about skinny husbands who wish to enjoy the flavor, are we excluded? I thought Ben & Jerry’s was about inclusion, not exclusion.”

“It gives me great pleasure to learn there are ignorant rednecks everywhere. Ben and Jerry are saving the land your standing on. They bear no resentment to you or your political views. After all, this is America right, Land of the Free. Or did you forget.”

“Awesome idea. Will pass your website to local retailers. Keep up the good work.”

“I think your customers are idiots, and you guys strike me as cynical bandwagon jumpers. Star Spangled Ice Cream will likely go the way of the ‘Poke A Hola In The Ayatollah’ dart boards a decade ago.”

“I am shocked at the sheer number of base and foul responses to your product marketing. Why would someone get so upset for ice cream???? I’m sure the three gentleman who’ve started up this company don’t hate all people in France or of French origin; to think so would be ludicrous. The ice cream labels are satirical humor – they’re funny and certainly don’t fit the definition of racism. I will certainly be ordering for our next party. In the meantime, I will personally be contacting all of the stores here in Hot Springs, AR and begin pestering them about carrying your brand.”

“I’m going to talk to someone at the Commissary at the Pearl Harbor Naval base to have them contact you to see if they could start selling Star Spangled Ice Cream. I know your ice cream would sell off the shelves in the freezer at ALL the Commissaries in the US, so hopefully we will see your product in a store soon.”

“Great idea! Thank God! I am a NYC Police Officer who hasn’t had Ben & Jerry’s for years due to their support of Mumia. Get this on the shelves here in NY! I also suggest you inform Police Departments around the country. You have a huge ready market. Any $ spent on Ben & Jerrys is a dollar used to support the assasin of Philadelphia’s P.O. Faulkner. And that I can’t do.”

“I read about your ice cream flavors in the NY POST and could not believe it! You guys rock! I recently found out that Ben and Jerry’s founder has a strong anti-Israel policy and was very upset, and then I heard about your company and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy it made me. I am a college freshman majoring in political science who until now did not know how to express my frustration about the liberal academia. Star Spangled ice cream is the answer. However, I am an orthodox Jew who keeps kosher and therefore not able to enjoy your ice cream. I strongly suggest that you get some form of orthodox supervision for your ice cream. I assure you that the majority of those who support Israel and the global war against terrorism will purchase your product. Keep up the great work!”

“I love your sense of humor! I also love that you have flavors for most of the services, but you left out the Coast Guard! Maybe ‘Toasty Coasty Almond’?”

“When the war is all over, and France is once again our good buddy, and Germany is friends with us again, and they’re all supporting us, and we’re supporting them, and maybe when Iraq is a friendly country, and we all have another common enemy (or who knows, maybe we’re in complete world peace) will you change your ice cream names to reflect those situations? Or will you always be making fun of the French because of one incident where they didn’t support us?”

“This is a fantastic idea – as a Republican, I have a problem buying Ben & Jerry’s and am thrilled to see this. Can you please make your ice cream kosher certified?”

“Look at a Ben & Jerry’s label. Are there flavors that attack conservatives? No. They may stand up and speak for what they believe is correct, but they do not try to profit from attacking the character of the other side of the political spectrum. It worries me for the future if I will have to buy my ice cream according to the political views of the owner, but I am willing to do that. I already buy solely cruelty-free brands [referring to animal cruelty] and am willing to buy only ‘bi-partisan’ food if need be. As a student in a public high school where I am taught to respect the beliefs of others, I believe that you must have skipped that lesson.”

“While it is true that the French were a great help to us in the Revolution and at other times, America has come to the aid of France over and over again. Also, while Ben & Jerry’s may well support some ‘good causes’, I guarantee most people out there have no idea about several of the other causes they support as well. I think many liberals would be surprised if they did a little research! Lighten up, people. No one is truly telling you to hate anyone. Besides, it seems you have enough hate inside of you already.”

“Just love your product. Please get it into stores in Texas as soon as possible. I have shared with my parents who will hopefully order a bunch for our annual 4th of July dinner. Screw Ben & Jerry, you guys are ‘the bomb’… maybe a new flavor in there somewhere.”

“Bravo for Star Spangled Ice Cream! The counter-revolution has finally begun! I am writing from the belly of the beast, i.e., Vermont, and am damn well sick of Ben & Jerry’s and all their BS! I’ll ask my local supers to start stocking Star Spangled — if you would supply me with names of frozen food distributors in Vermont, or servicing Vermont, I will gladly contact them! Congratulations on your new enterprise and all best wishes for success!”

“Ok, I can see where you feel the need to create a conservative alternative to Ben and Jerry’s, but can you not find ways to do it in a more positive light? Nutty Environmentalist? Since when did it become nutty to support the preservation of God’s green earth and prevent the corporate take over of it? Iraqi Road? The country has been suffering ever since the US helped put Saddam in power years ago–why can you not find something more tactful for a war-torn nation? Just some suggestions for some ‘wacked-out’ conservatives high on their patriotic horse.”

“WOW!! Just saw y’all on Fox, I will forever remember this day as the beginning of the RETURN to conservative Christian values within free enterprise… what this great Nation was founded upon, AND as the day that I saw my favorite George Dubya landing on a carrier, (so cute in his flight suit), AND the day I was gifted with my own ice cream… WHAT A GREAT DAY! When does your stock go public and when will it be in my local Harris Teeter grocery store?? GO BABY GO! Hoo Rah for Star Spangled Ice Cream!! God Bless and keep you all!”

“I just found out about your product today when I read the Baltimore Sun. I could not believe my eyes. Regardless of one’s political party affiliation or whether or not one agrees with the war in Iraq, it is downright wrong to perpetuate HATE in an ice cream market that consists mainly of children. Progress toward peace will never be achieved as long as there are companies out there like yours that encourage our impressionable youth to deal with their problems by finding scapegoats to hate, rather than working out their differences.”

“If this is a truly ‘free’ country, then the bottom line is — if you agree with Star Spangled, then buy their ice cream and support the company. If you don’t agree, then don’t buy their product, and don’t support the company. Simple enough.”

“You’re almost as stupid as my husband. Almost, because he’s pretty damn stupid.”

“Kudos! I have daydreamed about starting this very kind of alternative to B&J;’s myself and was amazed to read about your company in National Review. I hope your ice cream will be available in the Boston area someday soon!”

“How about Fruit Gingrich, Talibanana, Caramel-Peanut-Cluster Bombs?”

“Just what America needs — fatter conservatives.”

“You’ve pushed me over the top. Just because people don’t subscribe to everything on your right wing agenda does not give you the right to say that moderates and liberals are ashamed to be American. How dare you. Let’s make it clear we are ashamed of YOU and your fascist mouth puppet. Being ashamed of one’s president is something Your Agenda spear headed, don’t you remember? Were you less patriotic back then? Freedom is a wonderful thing. Time to get out your history books. If it weren’t for the support of the France during the American Revolution we probably wouldn’t be the country we are today. President Bush is the worst Foreign Affairs President of the modern era. You are blaming the wrong people, blame yourselves! Tell me, where are these weapons of mass destruction that were such an immediate threat to our security and welfare? You know the ones that were the reason thousands of people were killed and lives were changed forever. The reason why Anti Americanism has grown exponentially in the Mid East and around the world? The reason why you came up with your idiotic products. The reason why Dictator Bush will be overthrown come next presidential election.”

“I really feel bad for real Vermonters — they get a bum rap because of all the flatlanders that immigrate into Vermont. Like Ben and Jerry, they’re really from New York. A quick history lesson for those of you out there who claim that France won the Revolutionary War for us — Napoleon turned right around and stabbed us (and then President Jefferson) in the back, trying to take the entire Louisiana Territory and choke off all American trade at New Orleans. Just like Chirac did to Secretary Powell. It’s French tradition. Anyway, I always hate how Ben and Jerry’s product has more cherries, cookie dough, and fudge brownie than actual ice cream. If I had wanted a cookie, I would have bought one. I look forward to ordering your product!”

“I want to applaud you for this great site and awesome product idea. I would gladly purchase your ice cream (especially the mint) if it were available from my grocery store. I have already sent my grocer a letter asking them to carry your product. I think it’s very interesting that liberals always resort to name calling, swearing, and branding their enemies as ‘racist’ whenever they are challenged. Is it just because they have no facts or rationale to back their plaintive whining?”

“How about ‘Chip on Your Shoulder Mint’? This company sounds a bit defensive and reactionary. Remember — liberalism and patriotism are not mutually exclusive, and even those of us who consume Ben & Jerry’s can sing the Star Spangled Banner.”

“I ordered your ice cream because I liked your humor, and was happily surprised to find how delicious the ice cream is — it is the best! I wish you success in your venture. Keep up the good work! Those Bush-hating liberals who bombard you with profane e-mails are just jackals baying at the heels of a lion. Pay them no heed.”

“Way to go, folks! Congratulations and keep up the good work!”

“We heard from the folks that received the ice cream we sent, and they loved the labels. They also said they were surprised that the ice cream was so delicious, as they thought that it might just be a novelty item with an inferior product inside.”

“I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and I assure you this is a very, very unhealthy and immature way to do business. From a political point of view, you and your company promote fascism not patriotism. I am a 55 year old American, and I assure you that every patriotic symbol that belongs to America has been hijacked by the Bush, Neo-Conservatives. A more appropriate name for your company would be StarsMangledIceCream. I am deeply disappointed and appalled.”

“I don’t understand — I’m all for conservative ice cream, but why do you think it’s wrong to help causes like assisting inner-city youth? Isn’t helping your fellow man an American trait? I just wish there was less hate in this world, and that seems to be what you’re promoting. Please tell me if I’m wrong. I may not agree with Ben & Jerry’s politics, but ultimately it seems at least they’re coming from what they believe to be a good place.”

“What a great product. I think your critics need to get a sense of humor. I’ve searched this site for ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ references but I can’t find any.”

“We suggest that you send the proceeds of this ice cream to veterans’ hospitals. That way we can take good care of our soldiers when they get home, and they will know we are still thinking of the sacrifices they have made for our country.”

“How about ‘Dubya is a f###ing draft dodging coke snorting alcoholic illiterate a##wipe vanilla’? If you don’t love democracy, get the f### out of my country!”

“Will you be introducing a line of sugar-free ice creams? If so, when? I am a diabetic and presently buy Edy’s sugar-free. I would welcome an alternative high quality sugar-free ice cream line.”

“Krypto fascist wackos the lot of you… making a joke and a buck out of the suffering of others. Ku Klux Flan is on the menu too no doubt. What have you idiots done for the community? Do you contribute anything to people who are less well off?”

“How the f### do you get away with being so racist? Sorry, did the Statue of Liberty not come from France? No wonder people are terrorists, if they disagree with Americans, the Americans take the piss. FREEDOM OF SPEECH — Ever thought of it? What about profiting from War? Pure xenophobia. Are you using a dictionary to look these words up? What would you say if the rest of the world invaded America and ‘liberated’ it? Because America is worse than Iraq. You think ‘but America doesnt have a dictatorship.’ It’s a fact that Bush didn’t win the election. If you didn’t already know. When someone is in charge and they didn’t win, its a dictatorship. You say ‘but Bush has not killed many of his own people.’ Are you forgetting how many people were ‘executed’ (murdered) by the State, while he was the Governer for Texas? ‘But America hasn’t caused international wars for prosperty.’ I could mention a few. But the most important is the Vietnam war. Racists. That’s all you are.”

“Like many others, I am amazed at how liberals tell you one thing and go on to show they are exactly the same. My favorite was reading so many of them tell you to get an education, then proceed to misspell words and use improper grammar. Is that the education my tax dollars are paying for as part of their idea of government? I want my money back. I also liked seeing one of the other haters talk about Vietnam as a bad war when it was a Democrat (the sainted Kennedy) who got us into it and another Democrat (Johnson) who deceived the world (Gulf of Tonkin attack) to build up our troops there. Who got us out? Nixon. As a Marine, I will tell you I did not come from the bottom of society and at least know the difference between satire and hate, so I guess I do not fit their category. It’s funny how they attack you for stereotyping and then turn around and call conservatives ‘haters’. For a flavor, may I suggest ‘Ignorant Liberal Amounts of Fudge’.” ”

“I enjoy your site, but come now, ‘fess up. You’re actually making up and sending all that hate mail yourselves just to make liberals look like vulgar, incoherent, humorless Neaderthals, aren’t you?”

“I ordered your ice cream for my son’s first birthday party. Everyone really enjoyed it (especially the MINT!). I was just reading some of the comments in the mail bag and I’d have to say some people are seriously short on a sense of humor. I can think that ‘I Hate The French Vanilla’ is hysterical, without actually hating the French or thinking that that is what you’re suggesting. Lighten up! And keep up the good work. I hope to find you in my local store sometime soon!”

“Don’t you think it’s a bit sad that charities to support the US Armed Forces even have to exist? Seems to me like maybe the government needs a lesson in supporting the troops.”

“Do you recomend getting stoned before consuming your product? The reason everyone likes hippie left wing ice cream is because they are stoned when they eat it. Especially given your choice of flavor names, that are only funny if you are wasted, do you advocate the use of illegal drugs like Ben and Jerry’s?”

“Any chance you could come up with a new flavor, like ‘Nutty Dictator Crater’?”

“Your ignorance and stupidity is unmatched. Be proud of yourself. Put that in your mailbag.”

“Are you honestly this dense or were you just high when you concocted this load of crap? Are you this immature? ‘I Hate The French Vanilla’… What are you?”

“Hooray! I have passed your website along to my entire address book (except the one democrat in my family – a hippie aunt who went to college in the 60s – screw her, she can afford Ben & Jerry’s). However, my excitement was tempered a bit when I looked at your ingredients. May I humbly suggest a future ice cream without corn syrup. Those of us with severe allergies to corn will not be able to eat your ice cream. It would also annoy Tom Harkin that Iowa corn production would drop. Wait a minute, corn production dropping means Tom ‘other people’s money’ Harkin will just get more pork for Iowa farmers. I guess I am in a no-win situation. Glad to see conservatives making a buck where liberals have dominated. Thanks and lots of good luck!!!”

“The French saved my father’s life in WWII. Why are you all so hateful? This is not the America I know and love. I am so sad.”

“I am in London, England and wish you had an outlet here! You ought to have a Rummy Raisin flavour for that delectable Defence Secretary, RummaDon.”

“You know, there’s a big, thick line between conservatism and the promotion of hate. Even if you don’t like the causes Ben and Jerry support, at least they don’t call their ice creams by offensive names.”

“When will this be available in the UK? It’s about time we had some desserts that dissed those garlic-eating surrender monkeys!”

“If you think I love my country less because my politics aren’t like yours, please come by and let me kick your conservative ass till your ears bleed.”

“Thanks for putting your mail bag out. We all can read what the people of this world think, be it right or wrong. I don’t see any harm with your names for the ice cream. After all — they are just names, for heaven’s sake. Love the idea your company has come up with. Semper Fi.”

“I am the relative of a Ben & Jerry’s employee. Heard you guys on the radio, hope your business goes well. You’re patriotic support is well appreciated. My suggestions for flavors: Navy Seal with a Kiss (a mix with Hershey Kisses), Remember the Bomb Pops? Red white and blue, how about a No Spin Zone Pop, or Lemon le Sarandon (on a Noose)- if these fly do we get some ice cream?”

“You are seriously misguided. Promoting hatred and ignorance thru ice cream. Demented is all I can say. There’s no way you are for real.”

“You can not give the Air Force some thing as wimpy as sherbet! Please come up with something better!”

“Oh, give me a break. Yet more brain-dead nativism. Well, you guys just go ahead and keep on supporting your unelected little figurehead president and your pet fascist causes. I’ll just keep on buying real ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. Oh, and voting Democratic — like more Americans did in 2000 than voted Republican.”

“Please hurry and get it in stores. I live here in Arkansas and would be proud to rub the noses of these liberal American-hating morons in your product.”

“I am very glad to hear about an enterprise such as yours and I hope you find tremendous success.”

“I am totally bummed – you guys don’t ship to Hawaii!”

“If this is truly conservative ice cream, it better not be organic and have none of that hippy ‘natural’ stuff in it. Also, it should be full of chemicals, especially those derived from Texas petroleum.”

“Thank you for expressing your hatred of the French! I believe that ‘I Hate the French Vanilla’ is a perfect example of the kind of value that true Americans need to express. There is not enough hatred in this world and the French are surely deserving of our hate! I also believe it is incumbent upon all true Americans to support the return of the Statue of Liberty to France. If it is French, we should reject it. We should also reject the legacy of Lafayette. He did help America survive — and prevail — in the Revolutionary War. But, Lafayette is French. And Americans hate the French!”

“To all those liberal history-mavens who feel we owe permanent indentured servitude to France because of the Statue of Liberty and Lafayette, I suggest the 65,000 graves in France of our young men who died in World War II to make France free (graves that recently have been profanely desecrated by French people — with no apology proferred by Monsieur ChIRAQ) boldly proclaim: PAID IN FULL! Perhaps those liberals should write to Chirac and remind him of HIS country’s history, and question why he has chosen the Pierre Laval option — allying himself with Germany in opposition to the U.K. and U.S. LONG LIVE STAR SPANGLED ICE CREAM!”

“GREAT JOB with putting this idea together. We NEED humor in a time like this, especially with our oldest son serving as a tank driver in Iraq on the frontlines as we speak. Thank you!”

“I work for Ben & Jerry’s. My Dad send me a news clipping about you from the Washington Post and I spread it around at work. I think it is quite funny.”

“I have seen some American crap in my time, but this is the best yet!!! Sad, oh so sad, trying to cash in on misplaced nationalism!! This beats ‘freedom fries’ anyday. No wonder the whole world laughs at you stupid Americans – you are so gullible!! I have no doubt you will sell plenty of this rubbish, given the average IQ of your customers!!”

“When will you go kosher? I have a brother-in-law in the Marines. And believe it our not, there are a bunch of guys in the armed forces who do keep kosher. I would like to get my brother-in-law the 4-pack for a birthday present.”

“The four war heroes (WWII, Korea & Vietnam) in our family are deeply offended by your hateful messages and your war profiteering, and remind you that without the aid, money and French soldiers that France gave us, the Brits would have won the Revolutionary War.”

“I heard about you guys on the radio last night and decided to check out your website. I just wanted to say that you guys rock!”

“You as a manufacturer might find it amusing. However, for myself coming from France find it very disrespectful. We are all entitled to our opinions, I agree, but we all have to live with each other. By creating such racist products, you are not uniting but dividing people and nations. I hope that one day you just might realize that you this is not an appropriate marketing technique. Until then… Vive La France!”

“Yeah. Good idea. Silly but good.”

“As an employee of Ben & Jerry’s, I salute your efforts. I was in the military back in Desert Storm and I must say that I support the troops but not the politics. I also DO NOT full heartily believe in the standings of Ben & Jerry as far as their beliefs about the military. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND HOPE TO SEE YOUR BRAND IN THE MARKET PLACE SOON.”

“I am disgusted by your blatant ignorance and outright bigotry. What if you had an ice cream on the market that claimed ‘I hate black people’ or ‘I hate Jews’? This is disgusting. You think putting our POW’s on TV is an insult? We are bombing a country and you are making fun of them on an ice cream container. America is a wonderful country, the best place to live, but it is people like yourselves that make me wonder how it has stayed that way.”

“You guys rock! I work for Ben & Jerry’s and quite a few employees feel the same way. It’s nice to see someone give profits to NORMAL deserving charities! America is all about free speech. All the maggots giving you crap probably are Dixie Chix supporters. Are the hilarious pictures on your website like the ones on your packages? I hope so! Keep up the great ideas for flavor names! Semper Fi!!!!!”

“Oh man, this is great. Where were you guys for all this time??? Finally, an American company that actually cares about America, its president, and its troops. God Bless America, and may God bless you guys.”

“Do you feel like a tool for promoting this product? After careful consideration, I believe that you should.”

“I don’t usually eat ice cream, too much sugar. But I think I’ll stop by Ben and Jerry’s just because I’ve seen this disgusting site (pun intended).”

“Once again arrogant, stupid conservatives (God, is that a redundancy!) attempt at political humor is lame and disgusting. I’ll stick with Ben & Jerry’s! F### the war, F### Bush and F### you!!”

“Received my order last week – Gooood ice cream! Wonder if all those Francophiles and Iraqi-idiots who wrote in know how to pronounce their favorite word – “F###” – is that with three “sharps” or three “pounds”? Ignore the negative comments from the riff-raff (at least you’ve provoked a response, and anytime they’re reading the TRUTH, there’s a chance that it’ll penetrate their skulls).”

“I just got finished reading some of the email you have recieved since your conception. For such a tolerant crowd as liberals are supposed to be, they seem to be very limited in their vocabulary. It was only in negative responses, that I found people swearing. It was only in liberal responses, that I was able to detect hate speech, threats of violence, and bigotry. In the more positive responses, I found that many of conservatives have a better sense of humor than do the tolerant liberals. It just goes to show that all the anti-war protests are more about hating President Bush, who had absolutely nothing to do with your product, than they do about war.”

“My wife, children and I are loving the ice cream. It’s delicious. In fact, it may well be TOO delicious.”

“I’m so glad that your company is supportive of America, land of the free (more people in prison than college), home of the brave (especially our draft-dodging idiot of a ‘president’). We have everything here, even free speech. Too bad that’s NEVER been true. It would be funny if it were meant to showcase the complete and utter ignorance of the right wing, but unfortunately, it’s not a joke. So, hope your ice cream doesn’t suck as much as your attitude.”

“Do you plan to ship outside the country anytime soon? If you do, ship out a liberal with each gallon of ice cream!”

“You guys kick ass. This product is awesome. I hope you get on the shelves in Atlanta soon!!! As for all the Ben and Jerk self-righteous hippies, they just need to get a job, stop hating their parents and quit smoking pot.”

“I am a proud conservative. I think your product marketing is great. As for the Democrats out there, if you are ashamed of this country you can always go live in a third world country as I did for most of my life, and you will soon find out how great this country is. A good thing to give the 10% to is the MWR (Morale & Welfare Fund) for the military services, which keeps up the parks and recreation for members of the armed services and their dependents. Good luck and keep supporting the troops.”

“Have you ever been checked out by a medical or psychological practitioner, or is this just another creative way to share your hatred for the rest of the world?”

“Ever since the whole Jeffords thing happened I have stopped buying Ben and Jerry’s and stopped skiing in Vermont as my own very small protest against the state. It would be great to have your ice cream available in stores, but conservative or not, ain’t no way I’m paying $76 for 4 quarts of ice cream. According to Democrats I am RICH and don’t deserve a tax cut, but I’m not that rich. If you guys get big enough where you are in my grocery store I’ll gladly try it. Good luck.”

“You should make an ice cream called ImPEACH Bush. His favorite flavor is Terrorism is US! Get real folks — the conservative element needs to see that this country is being stolen by corporate big wigs, and that Bush’s WHite House, the CIA and the Pentagon created 9-11 for their endless war on terrorism (look at the winners in these past two years — all Bush cronies, the war mchines and multi national corporations).”

“I have a good job (and have had one since I was 17), a ‘career’ you might call it; I do not (and have never) smoked pot (or ingested it in any way); I love my parents and I vote. And I’m relatively young (mid-20’s). But I do not agree with this war. I do not think that this makes me un-American. I do not think that this makes me anti-our troops. In fact, I have many friends in the military. I think you have the right to believe whatever you want, but please remember that generalizations and stereotypes never get you anywhere good, and this product does not show much respect for people anywhere. However, your website did give me a good laugh (and a sigh for the state of our world today). Please feel free to give my best to the young men and women in the 101st Airborne. Maybe I can send them some ustenance that makes them feel better and supported, but does not endorse hate and ignorance against anyone, whether they are Iraqi, French or American.”

“When a friend of mine sent me your link I couldn’t help but think of how ironic and idiotic it is that you call Ben and Jerry’s commitment to social justice and environmental preservation ‘wacko left-wing causes’, especially when the latter are so vital to the quality and safety of agricultural food products like the one you’re selling.”

“It is a very sad day for the United States when time and energy are apent on things like this. I am ashamed of my country when I see things like this.”

“As a Democrat in the United States Air Force, currently deployed in Saudi Arabia, I think this is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. If they had this in the stores, I’d buy a round for everyone here. I was here the day they made the French leave the base! God bless you and good luck. Thanks for the smile!”

“I’m in the US Air Force and suggest that you market this product in the DOD Commissaries. The troops would buy it in a BIG WAY! Label it with service specific themes and capitalize on the inter-service rivalries, and market a ‘purple’ flavor with absolutely no taste whatsoever (purple being the DOD effort to blend all the service colors). To get this thing rolling nationally, you need top end professional digital graphics and packaging… DO IT!”

“F### America, and its ice cream!”

“Why are you a##holes even around? I hate right wing pigeons like you and your associates. If being American means being like you, f### being like an American then. Go read your bible and pray for lower taxes so you can buy your friends admiration with a brand new shiny SUV (suburban ussault vehicle) I am going to eat a whole heaping helping of the finest of ice creams Ben And Jerrys, all the while keeping a clean conscience unlike you and your customers. Sorry to interupt your gun cleaning with having to read this post.”

“Keep up the great work. I found your site via, another great site that supports the views of true Americans, not those liberal tree huggers who would rather get bit by a diseased mosquito than kill it. Hey Liberals, does it mean anything to you that Clinton made the USA the laughing stock of the world? I would rather have a dumb elephant as president then a lying cheating snake.”

“What perplexes me is how those who disagree with your point of view are so vulgar and wildly outspoken about how wrong you are. Is that intolerance? While bashing your views, they spew their own and show how intolerant they are of any that disagree with them. And all this over an ice cream label??? I think it is because you have provided them with a soapbox to stand upon and use their right to free speech — that you sponsor — in an attempt to denegrate your right to free speech in your pursuit of happiness.”

“I posted a link to your site on a website for airline pilots. My thread received over 200 views. I don’t know if you’ll ever get into stores with your strong political satire (stores don’t want to lose liberal customers), but I hope you do well one way or another.”

“YOU ARE THE SATANIC BOURGEOISIE! THE OPPRESSED PROLETARIAT WHO MAKES YOUR BOURGEOIS ICE CREAM WILL RISE AGAINST YOU AND WITH THEIR COLLECTIVE MIGHT AND DESTROY YOU! But before they do, how about some Commumint, Collective Chocolate, Victory Vanilla, Five Year Plan Fudge, Proletarian Pralines n Cream, Bourgeois Graves n Cream, Counterrevolutionary Coconut?”

“I can’t believe this. I really hoped you guys were joking, but now that I see you aren’t, I don’t know what to say. How much more racist and un-American could you be?”

“Do all you folks who keep calling the owners ‘racist’ realize that ‘French’ is a nationality and not a race?”

“My husband and I are ready to ask our local grocer to carry your ice cream as soon as you have it available for retail stores! We will not buy Ben & Jerry’s or Starbucks but have just been making our own!!! We will be happy to buy yours! God bless America!”

“I would love it if you would sell your ice cream in stores. I would sit and sell it at a grocery store or at a booth free of charge. I love the idea and the product. Finally, an ice cream I will eat and feel great about!”

“Don’t forget the Land-of-The-Free-flavoured ice cream made with the real blood of Iraquis! Oh and you should definitely get American coffee flavoured ice cream, that tastes like real American sh##!”

“I have always hated Ben & Jerry’s. It has the consistency of glue! I can’t believe the obnoxious emails you’ve received. Those morons should move to Iraq. What a waste of space they are. I wish you all the success in the world.”

“Are you for real? Do you actually think you are making hilarious, satirical comments on the suffering of others? Why don’t you have a new flavor called ‘BLOOD-ON-YOUR-HANDS’, freshly culled from the carcasses of innocent people! You are worthless! Go and get your guns for the slaughter… if you have the guts!”

“Come up with a Pistachio – it’s the only flavor on which B&J; can get any of my business & I’d like that to change!!!!!”

“Cute site, but one point – many of us liberals reject the conservative declaration that you can only be a patriot if you support the President (conservatives sure didn’t practice what they preach when Clinton was President). It is perfectly possible to love the country and at the same time think that our President is leading us down a foolish and regrettable path both domestically and internationally. OK, now onto the fun – liberal flavors! Depleted Uranium Glowing Green Mint, Strom’s Segregated Swirl, Lotts of Racism Raisin, Karl Rove’s Cinnamon Stick-It-to-You-if-You-Ever-Cross-Me, Indefinite Detention Swarthy Carmel and Toffee, First Amendment Rasberry Flush Slush, and My-Ball Gumball (in honor of the way the President plays politics like a child who screams, ‘MY BALL!!’). Well, I’m sure I’m missing some doozies, but 15 minutes will have to suffice. Thanks, and I hope you can read this in good humor (a little ice cream joke there!)”

“I want to know why: 1) you can’t spell properly on your website 2) you use far too many descriptive words like a child trying to impress 3) you’re so pathetic. F### your ice cream. Hope it sucks as much as it sounds.”

“I thought those on the left were supposed to be tolerant of others and accepting of ideas. If they are upset now, wait until after the 2004 elections. Hey Socialists/Progressives — you might want to direct your anger at your party. Just so your blinders don’t get in the way and make you think those who disagree with you are at the ‘bottom’ (as you so eloquently state), I have a M.D. from Case Western in Cleveland. Just remember — hypocrites are too easy to debate.”

“I want to tell you that I would most CERTAINLY buy your product if it was found in stores. In fact, I would never buy Ben and Jerry’s again, if I could choose your brand as an alternative.”

“Your web-site was sent to us by our son, US Navy, on a ship in Persian Gulf. He was estactic to learn of your company. After receiving his email about it, these flavors came to my mind….know they would be delicious! Flavor Ideas: Republican Ripple; Decadent Democrat; Caramelized Congress; Dubya Delight”

“What? No Cherry Falwell?”

“I’m thrilled to find someone conservative making ice cream, and if my own business ever picks up I sure will buy some!”

“All you need to do now is get your ice cream sold in stores and then all the supporters of this slaughter can enjoy piling on the kilos while supporting your “liberating” forces whilst they murder innnocent people. (What percentage of your fine country is obese anyway?) How about ‘I-Scream As You Bomb My House’?”

“You’re clearly joking, so I have to applaud your sense of humour. Not to mention your commitment – building this site must have taken quite a while, and all for one joke! Good for you guys.”

“I am forwarding your web address to friends and relatives around the country and will look to order you excellent product. You are my new favorite ice cream brand and I have not even tried it!”

“How do you sleep at night knowing that you blindly cling to the party line of an organization whose paranoiac world-view always leads to war and military buildup, and reckless pro-business c###sucking always leads to the erosion of workers rights, health care, and the environment? Also, are you funded by the Republican party?”

“Your ‘I hate the French’ flavored ice cream is nothing but racist in every sense of the word. It is people like you that are stirring up problems and increasing the gulf between Europe and the US. A very large majority of people in Europe are against this invasion and their governments are entitled to have that opinion and to voice it in the appropriate international forums, just as the Bush administration would surely do against any international policy of a European country that they did not agree with. Whether you think them right or not, the French are entitled to their opinion. Stirring up hostilities between Europe and America is not productive and does not serve the interests of the United States at all – it is therefore a wholly unpatriotic thing to do.”

“I scream, you scream, we all scream… for STAR SPANGLED ICE CREAM! My husband is French and he loved every mouthful! Don’t you think it is strange that the ‘liberals’ believe everyone has a right to their opinion – free speech – except anyone who doesn’t agree with them? And they wonder why 70% of the country disagree with their assessment of our President and our country’s role in liberating Iraq. I’ve often wondered if they are learning disabled! My grandfather said that cursing and swearing was a sign of ignorance at worst and a limited vocabulary at best! Anyway, good luck!”

“I heard you on WBCM yesterday a.m. and you have my support! Anyway, I think since the English have helped us out here that we should have a HOORAY ENGLISH TOFFEE… or something to honor them… I like the Bill Clinton, but I think we need the ‘Hillar-y-us’ flavor too!”

“Still can’t believe you’re real. You’re such ignorant morons, you discredit the principles of the US. Why don’t you read a book, pick up a newspaper (proper newspaper) and get yourself a proper viewpoint.”

“Great job. Heard about on The Laura Ingraham Show. I especially like the idea that the cowardly French and moronic liberals are offended. Keep up the good work, and God Bless America.”

“Condoleeza Rice Pudding, Dubya Double Fudge, Orange Alert Sherbet.”

“Heavenly FA-Hornet Hash.”

“I think the Orthodox Jewish public would be very supportive of this product if it were kosher. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, for example, is kosher although their ideology definitely is not. Anyways, good luck with your product. G-d bless America.”

“You Americans polluted the world with SEX, DRUGS and ROCK AND ROLL through your medium of HOLLYWOOD. The 1st things you’re bringing to Iraq is cigarrettes together lung cancer. You took prayer out of schools, invented prostitution. Now you CLAIM to be a CHRISTIAN country? Satan is not a big bad demon that jumps out at you and shouts BOO! He is deceptive, greedy, and he is AMERICAN. I pray that God will open your Americans eyes, you can’t take your money with you when you die. You guys need to turn to God, and stop spreading your Hollywood pornography trash around the world. Stop corrupting the rest of the world with your evil… we’re not all like you! God bless us all.”

“Thanks for the alternative and the laughs! I’m going to hold out for buying at the store, but I will put in a request that they carry it!”

“You belittle people who are trying to save the only Earth we have. America is NOT all bad, but your ignorance and blanket statements with little regard for details is a great example of what IS very bad about our country. You can support our troops WITHOUT pissing on people who help in other ways. Your marketing strategy appeals to morons who don’t give a f### about tommorow, just as long as their suburban SUV lifestyles aren’t in one iota threatened by having to face up to the realities of a VERY wounded planet. Food for thought, but hey, thinking has never been a strong point for people with your views now, has it…as long as republicans keep churning out more easy-to-repeat slogans for the masses, we don’t need to EVER question their intents and motives! Go back to wiping your asses with your childrens futures… people who are different from us should be FEARED, right? ‘Cops’ and your nightly news on the TV has it hammered into your skulls, so it MUST be true, right? Send me a postcard from the panic room…”

“HAHAHAHAHA… I wanna buy up all of your Clinton Im-Peach and smear it all over the cars at our Conservative Southern Christian Academy… then have a fund raiser while washing cars!! Ahhh… the best of both worlds! Tee Hee, go y’all GO!!!”

“Heard about your website on ‘The Big Show’ radio program this morning. Really enjoy your presentation and sense of humor. The names and comments are great! Thanks for offering this conservative alternative. Sorry you have to put up with the foul language and off-color comments you’ve been receiving from the slightly less intelligent members of our world. God bless and good luck!!”

“After September 11th many of your fellow Americans asked why people around the world hate Americans. You have just answered your own question.”

“I am from Germany and do not support my government (I did NOT elect Schroeder and his pals). Not all of us are cowards. I would order your ice cream and support your forces if you delivered to Germany. What about a two-flavour Turkish ice-cream?”

“I wanted to tell you I found you by accident and will be making a purchase here in the next week or so. And for those that don’t like your product and say you should die, you should give out their email addresses because I can think of a few in the 101st Airborne that would like to share their opinions with them. Hope you are a huge success and screw everyone else.”

“Hows about rum’n raisin taxes as a flavour?”

“Why do you need to act so second grade? This is exactly why so many nations cannot stand us. I find this business idea to be VERY disturbing. It does not make me proud to be an American, rather it makes me very embarrassed to call myself an American. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE. YOU MAKE ME SICK!”

“Are you aware that the French are America’s oldest allies, having supported us during the revolutionary war? Are you aware that the Statue of liberty was a gift from France? Are you really as stupid as your web site makes you seem?”

“Man, you guys are pathetic. Guess what? Ben & Jerry ARE AMERICANS. Buying their ice cream does indeed support American causes. BECAUSE THEY’RE AMERICANS. Oh, and f### you very much.”

“Thank you for providing me with a few minutes of amusement. God Bless!”

“You are smoking crack!”

“Some more flavor ideas: Reichstag Ripple, Mother of All Berries, Neoconservative Neapolitan (vanilla, vanilla, and vanilla), Rush Lemonbaugh, Chunky Hannity, Savage Strawberry, Supremacist Sherbet, World Domination Surprise. Give me time, I’ll come up with others.”

“How about ‘Liberal Go-Suck-A-Lemon’ or ‘Sour Grape for Liberals’ – man, the e-mail on your website is hilarious — and scary.”

“Reading all of the commentary in your mail bag left me a bit dismayed. While I certainly believe in free speech, I was shocked at the sheer number of base and foul responses to your product marketing. Why would someone get so upset for ice cream? While I agree that the French have historically been a staunch ally, someone needs to remind all of the liberals perusing your site that they sold Saddam ILLEGAL items despite the UN resolutions that were in place. In addition, they were also supplying him with INFORMATION from the Security Council meetings.”

“Racism in a tub. What will they think of next?”

“Great news!! All my friends will be so happy. See we are young Republicans in our mid-twenties. We don’t have a whole lot of money yet, but our parents will be buying from the Internet. Keep up the great work. It’s great to be a conservative.”

“Are you people actually insane or just faking it? I’m so sick of the conservative hatemongering and namecalling; you ‘patriots’ are easily as bad or worse then the made up threats you so vociferously denounce. Why don’t you help someone in need, instead of just finding more ways to line your greedy pockets? You’re deaf, dumb and blind to what it truly means to be American. America has been humiliated by the likes of you and your mumblemouthed excuse for a non-elected President. Please fall into one of your ice cream mixing vats and do the world a small favor.”

“How about Lame-Conservative-Attempts-At-Humor-Berry?”

“Dear funny ice cream guys: Hey, I have an idea… I want my money funneled to neither wacko “conservative” (trust me, you’re wacko) nor wacko “liberal” causes… how about a nice even keeled, reasonable, intelligent, levelheaded, non-extremist, middle-of-the-road, educated, fence-riding ice cream for guys like me? I would buy it, really… then again maybe not… see what I mean… depends on whether Turkey Hill is on sale that week or not! War AND Peace! P.S. Ben and Jerry’s sucks too!”

“‘Best Country in the World’? You’ve got no clue. You guys are f###ed. Eat sh## and die, you fat arrogant Yanks.”

“You are tragically and horribly revolting.”

“This is disturbing.”

“This is a tastless prospect. This only creates more divisiveness and hatred in our world. It saddens me and I ask, how would Jesus respond?”

“Real conservatives stand up for traditional American values as embodied in the U.S. Constitution. Celebrating hate and militarism is not conservative — it’s juvenile and ignorant. Have fun selling to the ‘Free’ Republic idiot fringe, because everyone else, especially true conservatives who love liberty, will think your product and your company is pathetic.”

“So what are you going to do with these names when the right wing has decided that Iraq is our friend again and wants to attack another oil producer? I too support the troops, but do not support the right wing non-elected president.”

“I admire you all deeply for taking a shot, even if it is based on current and most likely short-lived events.”

“How about ‘Sorry We Killed Your Children with Our Bombmint But It Was an Accident’? That would be really great.”

“Were you born retarded or did your contaminated products do that to you? F### you and your moron of a president.”

“Isn’t it great that there are so many people who are upset by your creativity? I admire their ability to articluate their opionions. Especially how they use the F’n-hymer in so many creative ways. It really makes you wonder who the real *#@*%[email protected]! are. I for one will defend their right to be an *#@*%[email protected]!, and to have their opinion even if it is wrong. In additon, I will pray for them. They are young and no not what they say. Yet, some day, when they get a haircut, a job, and start paying taxes they will come to know the truth and the truth will set them free, and they will rise up and purchase their own SUV and it will be good! God bless.”

“LOVE the names and think it would perfect for a party.”

“Smaller Governmint? Like the $90 billion it will cost for war? Like Bush’s $2.2 TRILLION budget proposal? Yeah right.”

“How do you live with yourself? Seriously. I mean, to actually create a web site selling conservative ice cream! Pathetic!”

“What’s wrong with liberals? Don’t they have the slightest sense of humor? The world has gone PC crazy. Your site is funny. It’s hysterical. These whack-job hippies take everything so seriously. I’m 5 feet tall. People call me short all the time. Am I going to sue them? Am I going to make the media refer to me as ‘vertically challenged’? They’re just a descriptive words, for goodness sake! And as far as all the ‘I Hate The French Vanilla’ comments — for crying out loud people, it’s funny! Have you heard some of the things the French have been saying about us — for years! The really sad thing is that no one has a sense of humor anymore. Funny how all the messages from US troops think your site is hysterical — it makes them proud to be Americans. Apparently, the majority of civilian Americans have lost their sense of humor. Keep up the good work! ”

“Just wondering if you ship to Canada. Our government is pretty wimpy up here but we can afford to be because of the sacrifice of your military. They deserve our support too.”

“War and suffering is a just a joke for you clowns isn’t it? Iraqi Road. HA! That’s a good one. Hey as long as it’s not Americans suffering, who cares? Let’s eat some ice cream and watch some ‘reality’ televsion and not question the powers that be.”